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A gong bath is an immersive and deeply relaxing form of meditation that uses frequency and vibration to centre the mind and calm the nervous system. The unique sound of the gong makes meditating easy, enjoyable and deeply relaxing yet also revitalizing for the mind and body. Especially for people with restless minds, the wide range of frequencies can induce a meditative state in a quite immediate way. The tangible vibrations amplify the meditative effects and help to release blocked energy and restore a sense of wellbeing. Benefits include relief from stress and anxiety, physical restoration, mental clarity, better sleep, emotional release, and a lasting sense of calm. Best of all, anyone can benefit from this practice, especially those new to meditation.
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Selma Studer


Selma Studer is the Founder of GONG, a mindfulness service provider that helps people with restless minds find calm and clarity through the power of sound.   Selma founded GONG in response to the immense amounts of stress and anxiety that plague the work world after more than 10 years in a Corporate Communications career. She experienced her first gong bath on a yoga retreat in Thailand and quickly realized the practice was even more effective in an urban environment where relaxation is harder to come by.   After taking a course in Mindfulness while obtaining her MBA, she continued down the path and started to learn more about sound therapy and gongs with Jain Wells, Don Conreux, Phil Macnamara and Jens Zyger. She then opened a dedicated sound meditation studio in Central London as well as to start delivering workplace sessions so that more people could benefit from this powerful technique.

Frequently asked questions

Bookings can only be made via allocated and registered contacts who can log in to their profile.

All names are anonymised and confidential. The diagnostic will only show the overall outcomes relating to anxiety, stress, energy, sense of wellbeing & productivity.

Of course, we work closely with all of our clients to find the right practitioner and programme to suit your needs.

Not yet, that’s something we’re working on behind the scenes.

We go through an extremely thorough vetting process with all of our practitioners, so you can rest assured that they will be of the highest standard for your organisation. However, as we first start to work with clients we can organise a 10min introduction with our practitioners.

We can do this, please get in touch to find out more.

Please see our T&C’s for rescheduling and cancellation policies.

Our onsite programmes are predominantly London & SE based, please get in touch if your company / event is outside of those areas. All on site programmes are subject to travel costs.

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