55% of all working days lost related to stress, depression or anxiety. Source: HSE, November 2020
42% of the UK population feel anxious or worried. Mental Health Foundation, Feb 2021
£42bn the annual cost of poor mental health to UK employers. Deloitte, Jan 2020
18% of the UK adult population reported feeling hopeless in February 2021 Mental Health Foundation, Feb 2021

We will support you

Our corporate experience means we understand the challenges your business faces. And the time and resource invested to carefully plan every wellbeing event.

We also know how easy it is to forget about organising it until the last minute. Even with the knowledge that when employees' wellbeing is looked after, they feel valued, are more productive and much more likely to stay. Business leaders who show they care attract and retain great talent.

It can be time-consuming to search through confusing acronyms and know you've found the real experts - registered or accredited practitioners like those we vet and work with.

For everyone to understand your workplace wellness event's value, you need to prove the impact on staff morale, productivity and company culture. You're in the right place. GetZeN can help whether you're after one-off support or an ongoing programme. All you need to do is…

Meet the founders

Francesca Rogers

Co-Founder Purpose

Francesca has over 18 years of commercial media experience, working in a series of senior account manager roles at IPC, Emap, CBS Outdoor now Exterion/Global, Absolute Radio, Bauer and most recently at the independent radio group, Union Jack Radio working on launching their national brands.

Francesca is a qualified counsellor & psychotherapist with over 13 years experience and accredited by the BACP (British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy) and still runs her own weekly private practice.

Francesca is also a psychotherapeutic supervisor, working with individuals and groups of qualified and trainee counsellors, an accredited executive coach, an EFTi accredited EFT practitioner and an experienced assessor.

I finally took the leap and set up my own mental health and wellbeing consultancy, Northstar Therapies Ltd in 2018; helping corporates implement preventative measures in the workplace. My aim, at the time, was to help demystify therapy and empower individuals. As my wellbeing business evolved, so did my practitioner network which meant I'd bring together and collaborate with other professionals, Katy being one of them.

I've known Katy for over 15 years from the media industry, but couldn't quite bring myself to ever remember her name. Now she is my co-founder and confidante at Zipporah & Northstar Ltd. I actually couldn't imagine working with anyone else, as our work ethic is (quite strangely) completely aligned; both as business women and responsible practitioners. We're also very similar in personality, which is frightening in itself.

I'm also mummy to two small people - Eva and Violet, who I hope I make proud.

Katy Holliday

Co-Founder Transformation

Katy started her career as a print-media buyer, followed by several years as a producer in interactive TV production for a string of major broadcasters, including Granada, ITV & MTV. She then held a series of senior digital commercial roles for businesses, such as digital-advertising network Unanimis and ad giant WPP. Most recently she has led her own media consultancy delivering accelerated growth for UK Tech Start ups.

Katy is an accredited Reiki master and teacher, group meditation facilitator, and mentor to young executives, she also has a background in psychodynamic counselling and systemic approaches, organisational dynamics and consulting and leading in organisations.

I chose to go into therapy in 2009; working with my therapist gave me huge awareness into my internal processes. This transformation led me to study Psychodynamic therapy at Birkbeck and then consulting and leading in organisations at the NHS Tavistock Institute. I integrate this learning with more spiritual elements such as healing techniques & meditation.

Having access to these different therapeutic techniques allows me to manage my own mental health and wellbeing and really was a light bulb moment as to how this should be offered to all.

And then I reconnected with Frankie. I had recently launched Zipporah Seven, clients & practitioners were engaged - as soon as Frankie & I sat down to talk for the first time in years (she had finally remembered my name) everything connected. From insight, purpose, tenacity and humour... this was a pivotal moment and we haven't stopped since. I could not and would not want to do this with anyone else.

I'm also a solo parent to my amazing son who I am so proud of everyday. I want the world to be a more accepting and open place as he grows up.

Zipporah & Northstar

Through their wellbeing consultancies, the founders noticed just how stressed Heads of HR, Wellbeing and Founders were when tasked with running and managing wellbeing events. They noticed recurring themes that caused overwhelm; lack of knowledge around where to search for registered and accredited practitioners and lack of internal resources to curate these events. It also became clear that measuring a workplace wellness event had never been a priority and Katy and Francesca are determined to change this. You will also see Katy & Francesca delivering programmes within their own therapeutic disciplines on the GetZeN platform.

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