Our purpose is to support you

We’re here for HR Managers & Leaders who have a niggling sense that they are struggling to stay connected with how people feel or what they need.

GetZeN brings a new level of perceptiveness to work wellness. We do this through human interpretation of real-life check-ins and an agnostic attitude to the type of treatment required. This is always alongside measured results that give reassurance and show the positive impact to the business and its people.

We open businesses’ eyes to what people need; how they feel and how long any changes take. We are proudly human-led and tech-enabled.

Meet Frankie and Katy, founders of GetZeN

Katy Holliday

Co-Founder and Co-CEO

Having spent more years than she cares to remember in media - from scale ups to large corporations such as WPP - Katy has learnt about all the daily challenges that impact human beings and the business they work in.

A meeting with a therapist changed Katy’s personal and professional life; helping her open up her more spiritual side that was always there from a young age. Combining lived experiences along with studies of psychodynamic therapy, organisational dynamics, various methods of healing & meditation allowed Katy to become a successful practitioner herself. This gave her access to a toolbox to find her own happiness and fulfilment.

Creating GetZeN with Frankie has always been purpose driven and for me, that means creating a sense of peace in human beings & normalizing what is often referred to as 'alternative' therapies. We want to offer ways to cope that may have never been thought about and always wrapped up in a business case for employers. Having worked in media corporations for so long, I'm aware that organisations need to see the real value. A hardcore ROI metric for mental health is hard to define, but a happy and inspired team who feel heard and seen is not. And this is what we work towards.

Francesca Rogers

Co-founder and Co-CEO

Francesca has 15 years counselling experience. She is accredited by the BACP and still runs her own weekly private practice.

Francesca is also a psychotherapeutic supervisor, working with individuals and groups of qualified and trainee counsellors, an accredited executive coach, an EFTi accredited EFT practitioner and an experienced assessor. She also spent nearly 20 years working in Advertising in various different sectors including print, press, outdoor, digital and radio.

“I’m so proud to have created and co-founded GetZeN with Katy. Understanding individuals and helping to impact or enable ‘change’, whatever that looks like has always been a core motivation and personal passion point of mine.  

Since launching over 2 years ago, we’ve kept the client at the heart of the process and therefore our very purpose. I'm excited to launch How Are You to market and be part of GetZeN's own evolution.

I'm also mummy to two small people - Eva and Violet, and I hope I make them proud.”

Our values

TRUST - What does that mean? An unquantifiable feeling, you just know
HONESTY - A realistic approach, we are not purists. Perfectly, imperfect
PEOPLE FIRST - Always. No explanation needed
FREEDOM - Bring your whole self and feel safe to do so. No judgement here

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Tim Pat Dufficy

Technologist & Investor

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Global Commercial Strategist

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Investor & Mentor

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Founder & Director

David Rogers
BA (Hons), MA, DMS European HR director & Management consultant  
Lorna Hackett
Civil rights lawyer and Founder - Hacket & Dabbs LLP