Anxiety: A feeling of unease

45 minute experiential session + 15 minutes Q & A


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Darren Cheek

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Anxiety:  a feeling of unease, such as worry or fear, that can be mild or severeEveryone has feelings of anxiety at some point. Indeed the existential analytical point of view is that anxiety is considered to be a basic theme and natural condition of human existence   In this 60 minute fast-paced, highly energised experiential workshop, as a group we will explore, share and create our shared definition of our personalised-collective experiences of anxiety. 
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Darren will then also share a few personal, and professional therapeutic examples, practical strategies, ideas and interventions for helping support our anxious experiences.  With space for questions and reflections from the group – by the end of the workshop we will have created a shared understanding of anxiety, along with tools to manage, and resources for supporting ourselves, and those close to us professionally and personally.


Darren Cheek


Darren has been working as an individual, relationship, family and group psychotherapist since 2006 – as well as being an extremely experienced trainer, role-player, presenter and facilitator in both public and corporate, national and international settings, including NHS Trusts, Cancer Research, BBC Academy and the National Bank of Pakistan.   Darren is also an actor, director, writer, teacher, dramaturg and Artistic Director of Damn Cheek Productions. A fluent British Sign Language user, he's currently developing Damn Cheek’s newest creations which include an extensive site-specific community theatre project in the North East of England, plus a theatre piece focused on disordered eating, and an outdoor site-specific piece exploring individual and collective grief. Darren is also continuing to develop the monthly Zoom performances which Damn Cheek which began in 2020 during lockdown which aim to stretch the boundaries of Zoom for online audiences.

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