Navigating the juggle – Empowering Working Mothers

Supporting mothers back into paid work from mat leave.

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Marisa Burgess

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This program is all about supporting mothers back into paid work from maternity leave.   Becoming a mother touches every aspect of our lives and we grow and evolve as a result of this. We do not come back to work the same person and this program aims to both prepare and empower mothers to transition back into the workplace by supporting their psychological, emotional and physical needs to ensure they feel aligned and connected to both their work and their life outside of work.   They will walk away feeling equipped to navigate the challenges that come with being a working mother and cultivate a more balanced approach to both their work and their home life.   Topics include, boundaries, self care, mindset, anxiety and overwhelm, guilt, organisation and values.
  • coaching
  • corporate wellbeing
  • employee wellbeing initiatives
  • inclusive culture
  • parental mental health
  • wellness in companies
  • working mothers
  • workplace wellbeing


Ideally this would be run over a series of sessions with different topics / levels of support being offered within each one.   Topics include:   Mindset: fostering a positive and empowered mindset upon returning to work/while at work. Self care: looking after your needs. Boundaries: setting personal and professional boundaries to preserve and protect energy and time. Values & Priorities: What is most important to you and how can you create time and space for this? Anxiety/Overwhelm: Tools for navigating work when it all feels too much. Guilt: Strategies for when mum guilt starts to creep in and how this can realign you to what is most important. Organization/home support: finding equitable ways to share the load at home (discussion around mental load, anger, resentment, how to delegate etc) Balance: Redefining what it means to be a working mother and how balance can look and feel to you!


Marisa Burgess


Marisa Burgess is a Transformational Women's Life Coach & speaker. Marisa specialises in working alongside Mothers on their journey to reconnecting with themselves. As a mother herself, she understands the shift that takes place in values and priorities as well as the stress, burnout & overwhelm many women & mothers are facing whilst trying to navigate parenthood, work and life in a pandemic. She is passionate about supporting women through the many transitions in their lives, motherhood, careers, & entering back into the workplace. Marisa now supports women both 1:1 & in group programs by gaining alignment, balance & confidence to live a life full of meaning & vitality. Marisa’s approach uses a compassionate lens to support women in finding strength in slowing down, focusing on their well-being & gaining the confidence and trust to build a life full of balance & joy.

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