What’s wrong with Loneliness

Session1 - Causes and Management of Loneliness

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Group Session


1000 People


Patrick Melville

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2 workshops focused to guide and inspire delegates how to understand and manage the Loneliness of their contacts, and themselves. This is under the theme of Common Connectivity.


    Explore the concept of homo sapiens vs neanderthals - we are social animals and need to be with others.

    Causes for individuals - Based on the lack of control with the difference sides: the physical side (isolation through COVID), mental/feeling (lack of confidence, control, certainty at work/home; families/friends, or major trauma), financially (impulse buying/reacting, time as well as cash), relationships (lack of response from contacts (work or non-work)

    Impact for individuals and organisations who are impacted by negative responses to loneliness

    Management - understand the negative impact and how to manage it

    Helpful coping mechanisms vs unhelpful coping mechanisms (e.g. exercise, TV, food)

    How to play a part to support others who feel alone - find Common Connectivity

    How to approach and demonstrate connectivity and how to arrange a conversation. The key way is actively ‘sharing time’.

    How to communicate to someone who feels loneliness

    Using Active Listening skills - explain the meaning (active vs passive), refer to other part of the senses (e.g. watching vs seeing).

    Respond in the appropriate way - ask questions, summarise, let them choose the route of the conversation.

    Other considerations - the environment and relationships.

    The word ‘Communities’ is a big part with different groups, such as employment, geographical location

    Self loneliness - notice when contacts are offering to speak individuals and how important it is to respond in the right way.

    It is ok to have your own time but you need to be in control.

    Patrick Melville

    Patrick Melville


    Patrick started working in marketing over 20 years ago. He had the best job; traveling around South America and Europe with his own business card and being taken to the best restaurants as a media buyer in airport media.

    He broadened his marketing expertise to work in media agencies and ended up running a team of 40 people around the world for UBS.

    In 2013, MMS was founded to provide a consultancy service to all areas of business - client, suppliers, consultancies and associations.

    Mental Health has always been a passion especially in 2017 when Patrick was diagnosed with terminal cancer. He is currently in remission and continues to use life and academic experience to support the Mental Health of clients.

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