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The Gift of Gratitude Workshop - expressing gratitude can empower employees to regain control and build resilience


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Patrick Melville

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Do you think that learning to give a free gift would help you to celebrate and support your colleagues’ efforts, and end or begin the year on a positive note? Workplace stress is on the rise. According to the Trades Union Congress: “55% of workers feel that work is getting more intense and demanding”. The feelings and thoughts from this rise drives a lack of confidence and focus to end 2023 and plan for 2024. The good news is that MMS can help. They are running Gift of Gratitude Workshops in collaboration with a team of professional photographers. The workshops draw on proven mental health theory and practice focused on gestures of gratitude. The mind thrives on validation and recognition and the simple act of expressing gratitude can empower employees to regain control and build resilience in their working lives and with their colleagues. 94% of UK adults own a smartphone, making it possible for most of the country’s adult population to get involved with this simple but effective technique. Both those who give and those who receive photographic gestures of gratitude are sure to reap the rewards. The gratitude technique builds group resilience to plan and hit the ground running to hit their Q1 2024 targets. Patrick Melville, founder of MMS, works alongside a team of professional photographers, including Felicia Chavasse, owner of Parka and Boots Photography, who provide practical techniques to enable delegates to express gratitude.   Minimum attendees is 10 for this workshop
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1hr presentation with interactive activities. Delivered online or face to face through inspiring knowledge and teaching:   > Rewiring our brains through gratitude We teach the positive social < Connection of appreciation to the pro-social side of our brains, how gratitude can work as a stress management tool during tough times, and explain the positive impact of gratitude as a gift – visual, verbal and kinetic. > The power of praise through photography Professional practical training for delegates: how to create, edit and send personal photos with a message of thanks on any smartphone. Everyone can give a Free gift from the heart. MMS will include other ways: Gratitude Journal, personal playlist and a unique tool to thank key workers: TAP Thank And Praise.   Each delegate receives a PDF prompt card with the photographic tips to use on their own device and list of messages to consider.


Patrick Melville


Patrick started working in marketing over 20 years ago. He had the best job; traveling around South America and Europe with his own business card and being taken to the best restaurants as a media buyer in airport media.   He broadened his marketing expertise to work in media agencies and ended up running a team of 40 people around the world for UBS.   In 2013, MMS was founded to provide a consultancy service to all areas of business - client, suppliers, consultancies and associations.   Mental Health has always been a passion especially in 2017 when Patrick was diagnosed with terminal cancer. He is currently in remission and continues to use life and academic experience to support the Mental Health of clients.

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