Supporting Introverts in the Workplace

Understanding Introversion


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Tom Cleary

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It’s important to support our colleagues and diversity in the workplace – most people would agree with that. So would it surprise you to know that the world of work has historically been built around extroverted tendencies?  

When we reflect on this, many organisations find they could tap more effectively into the skillsets of introverts (and improve retention and productivity!) through adapting some practices we often don’t even think about. 

This session addresses some of the myths and misconceptions about introversion, while showing strengths of introverted colleagues and how we can support people most effectively.


    • What is an introvert? Is it what we think?

    • How useful is a label?

    • Why should we be aware of introversion and what are the benefits?

    • Supporting and getting the best from your introverted colleagues


    Tom Cleary


    With a background in business, education and leadership, Tom is passionate about helping raise awareness within the topics of mental health, wellbeing and personal development. He combines lived experience of mental health and wellbeing challenges with professional knowledge and outstanding teaching and training skills, resulting in the delivery of empowering sessions and workshops which consistently receive very positive feedback.

    As a lifelong learner and educator, he works with individuals, organisations and businesses to increase awareness of positive psychology topics and mental health, working to embed both individual and team skills that help safeguard people’s wellbeing, prevent future problems and enable them to thrive.

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