Mindful Kombucha Making Workshop – 90 minutes

Boo Chi Organis Kombucha - the class is £69 per person.

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Eaoifa Forward

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Come and join us for an in-depth 1.5 hour masterclass with Boo Chi Kombucha. Eaoifa (the founder) will teach you everything you need to know about the art of fermentation and the secret of the SCOBY allowing you to make your own lifetime supply of kombucha.   Boo Chi Organic Kombucha is on a mission to get everyone brewing their own authentic kombucha from home! We never pasteurise or sterile filtrate as this defeats the purpose of this magical drink. Instead we make award winning kombucha that will hopefully make you feel great and we recently won 2 stars at he Great Taste Awards 2022!   Based in the Devon valley, the team combines ancient brewing techniques with innovative flavours to create kombucha that will balance, brighten, boost and revive, replenish and reignite!  
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The workshop will begin with a calming grounding meditation followed by the health benefit of kombucha and why its’ so good for you.   Together you will then make your very own kombucha to take home with you.   Eaoifa will guide you through everything you need to know about this incredible drink along with second fermentation and flavouring, scaling your production from 2 litres to 20 along with lots of trade secrets and expert tips too.   What will you get? Letterbox kit (containing all ingredients) including a SCOBY, tea, sugar, thermometer, cloth top & band, instructions, meditation card and 1.8 litre glass jar.   This session is £69 per person.    

Eaoifa Forward

Eaoifa Forward


In 2016, Boo Chi founder and owner, Eaoifa Forward travelled to Sri Lanka to work with a yoga and meditation teacher. It was here she was introduced to a magical traditional drink called kombucha.   This tonic mentally and physically revitalised and energised her and she wanted to know why. With a scientific background in chemistry she learnt there was a physiological link between a healthy gut and a healthy mind and body.   Kombucha delivers good bacteria; vitamins and enzymes with positive impact that fuels the gut-brain connection. The impact of this elixir set Eaoifa on a new journey with a dedicated and passionate team to create her own kombucha, using only traditional far eastern methods. In 2019 the “Boo Chi Home Brew Kit” was created and the team have gone on to workshop across the UK teaching people how to make their own from home.

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