Preventing & Managing Burnout Workshop

Preventing & Managing Burnout


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Hilary Lees

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Burnout is a hot topic right now: Three years on from the start of the pandemic, with a growing cost of living crisis and other geo-political events causing constant change and uncertainty, many people are running on empty and are reporting high rates of burnout in the workplace (McKinsey, 2022).   Burnout occurs when factors relating to the work environment – such as toxic work culture, lack of support from managers and unmanageable workloads, combined with factors relating to people – such as negative beliefs driving behaviour, depleted resilience levels and a lack of burnout awareness.   But the good news is: if burnout is understood, caught early enough and addressed effectively, it can be mitigated.   In this interactive workshop we will bring to life what burnout is, help you spot the signs that it is approaching, explore the organisational and personal dimensions of burnout and, more importantly, explore the practical strategies you can take to protect against it for yourself and your colleagues.
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This workshop includes:   • Burnout facts and gender differences • Spotting the characteristic signs, symptoms and stages of burnout • Steps you can take to address organisational burnout factors • Strategies you can take to address personal factors and protect and / or recover from burnout.


Hilary Lees


Hilary Lees is an Executive Coach and Trainer. She specialises in supporting entrepreneurs and business leaders to build their mental fitness so they can deal positively with the many challenges and changing demands they face.   This enhances their performance, improves relationships as well as improves their peace of mind.   Hilary's work is informed by more than twenty years’ experience as a former Occupational Therapist, working in a variety of frontline mental health NHS services, as well as ten years’ experience coaching clients to proactively overcome stress, burnout and build a resilient, resourceful mindset.

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