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The DNA Activation process awakens our Spiritual DNA strands beyond the double helix to activate the true human self to its highest potential. Most humans have 2-3 DNA strands of their 92 total strands active, the rest dormant. The Activations Samantha provides move through 12, 24, 92 strand awakening. We offer a series:   First time DNA Activations: Divine Feminine DNA Activation Divine Masculine DNA Activation Twin Flame DNA Activation   Then the DNA Activation upgrade: We evolve spiritually at different speeds on our ascension journey, since other factors and modifications with Mind, Body, Spirit will need to be implemented.. I advise on these parts in the insight and channeled reading. You will see results immediately after our first session.   Overview:   ✨ Activate spiritual awareness to align talents, gifts, creative pursuits and your soul's mission here on New 5D Earth with a Galactic DNA Activation Session by Samantha Hemingway. The magic session everyone's talking about. DNA upgrade for the modern holistic, who wish for instant changes, the upgrade activation is condensed and light coded giving maximum high impact results in a compact way and shorter in linear time, making it affordable and a valuable energy exchange.   Benefits:   Perfect for those who want answers to questions, you'll witness improvements from the first session. Activate your specific goals, desires and energies. Align with your Star planets. Feel inspired, activated and renewed. Above and beyond anything you have experienced before.  
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Consultancy Format:   Email Consultation and Information exchange to specify issues, focus, concerns and intentions to be activated.   15+ Minute ZoomAudio file, your own personal Insight. 15 Minute DNA Activation Audio MP3 Written insight Psychic Oracle messages to clarify.   Files will be sent after the consultation, usually within 48Hrs, unless specified to support your ascension.


Samantha Hemingway


Samantha Hemingway is an Alchemist and Practitioner of Holistic Medicine, certified with the IPHM and BHMA, British Herbal Medicine Association. Samantha has been working with Spiritual intelligence, as a professional Intuitive Consultant for over a decade, qualified in Herbal medicine, Crystal healing, a Life coach and Reiki Light Master. Samantha is an advanced energy healer, working with the Galactic realms, channelling, Ascended Masters, Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Energies and DNA Activations. Samantha's work assists with transmuting physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual blocks, pain and trauma on a multidimensional level, known as Queen Diode in the Galactic realms, an Electro-Magnetic Alchemist from Star planets, Sirius B, Arcturus, and Lyra facilitating DNA Activations with her principle guides to transform your Mind, Body, Spirit and DNA, working on a Subatomic, Cellular, Scientific and Spiritual level.

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