GetZeN Partner with Pearn Kandola to Support Wellbeing at Work

We are delighted to partner with Diversity & Inclusion training providers, Pearn Kandola.

Making the workplace Fairer

As part of Pearn Kandola’s mission to make the world fairer, they understand just how important it is that individuals can be their true selves at work.

Employees that feel excluded in the workplace are less motivated and less productive. Pearn Kandola’s research shows that this comes with a financial cost – up to £2,000 per excluded employee per year.

While they work with businesses to achieve more inclusive cultures, hiring practices and talent development, they also recognise and support the growing appetite of leaders to invest in their employees’ mental and physical health.


Happy employees mean better results

A Workwell Benchmarking Report showed that FTSE 100 companies prioritising employee wellbeing and engagement outperform the rest of the FTSE 100 by 10%.

But wellbeing can be easily overlooked, with the CIPD’s 2022 Health and Wellbeing at Work report showing a “small but disappointing slip in attention to employees’ mental and physical health”.

This is where we can help.

Our platform allows employers to understand how their employees are really feeling – and understand where work might be needed to improve factors like job satisfaction, burnout and team cohesion.

Based on real-world – anonymous – feedback from their employees, HR Leaders can directly search for and schedule relevant sessions to address their needs.

They can also enable employees to book themselves onto wellbeing sessions of their choice to improve their personal experience of the workplace.



Stuart Duff, Partner and Head of Sales, Pearn Kandola, commented:

“GetZeN’s approach to providing organisations with actionable insights on employee wellbeing aligns with our company mission to make the workplace fairer. Our respective services complement each other to support more inclusive workplaces that champion individual wellbeing and growth.”

Katy Holliday, Co-Founder & CEO, GetZeN, added:

“Pearn Kandola is such a trusted organisation in the DE&I space and we are proud to be partnering with them.  Our values and ambitions align perfectly and together we can offer our services to ensure that every employee can be inspired to reach their full potential in a safe and confidential space.”


We look forward to working together with Pearn Kandola to support a fairer, healthier, and more inclusive workplace. To find out more about our partnership please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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