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In our careers many of us define success by how high we can climb up our organisations and when we get there it can be a lonely, challenging and hostile place. By engaging in a coaching partnership, you are actively creating a professional safe space where you get to intentionally explore how you want to show up for yourself as an emerging and inspiring leader to deliver the best for yourself, your team and organisation. Coaching offers you deep self awareness, confidence and capability which ultimately filters through to your whole-self in work and life. A coaching partnership has to feel right instinctively otherwise the essential trust is missing and to help clients decide Sam offers a free 20 min curiosity call. The package cost is for 4 x 60 minute sessions. The only facilities Sam needs is to meet the employee at either their office / in a mutually agreed coffee shop, park or online. Sam offers this service in London or the Hertfordshire area.


Sam Wright

Sam Wright

Sam is an experienced PCC level coach, who is passionate about partnering executives on their leadership journey enabling her clients to perform at their best by remaining connected to themselves and aligned to their values. Sam spent 12 years within the pharmaceutical industry, experiencing the success of being part of high performing global teams and the lows of giving everything to her career. This experience resulted in Sam retraining to follow the path truly meant for her and for the last seven years she has focussed on partnering executives through key transition points in their careers. Sam successfully blends her love of nature and people in a unique coaching experience, often meeting her professional clients outside in city parks where nature invites another dimension to the conversation and her clients gain deep insights quickly.


  1. Will all employees be able to book programmes on the GetZeN platform?

    Bookings can only be made via allocated and registered contacts who can log in to their profile.

  2. Are individuals' names shared with the employee diagnostic outcomes?

    All names are anonymised and confidential. The diagnostic will only show the overall outcomes relating to anxiety, stress, energy, sense of wellbeing & productivity.

  3. Can we get in touch if we can’t find the programme we need?

    Of course, we work closely with all of our clients to find the right practitioner and programme to suit your needs.

  4. Do you have a library of pre-recorded content we can access?

    Not yet, that’s something we’re working on behind the scenes.

  5. Can I meet with the practitioner before the programme takes place?

    We go through an extremely thorough vetting process with all of our practitioners, so you can rest assured that they will be of the highest standard for your organisation. However, as we first start to work with clients we can organise a 10min introduction with our practitioners.

  6. How often will we receive the GetZeN diagnostic outcomes?

    For those who take part in the end to end GetZeN diagnostic, we will report quarterly. However, we are working towards a way where we can integrate this into your client profile so you can see the outcomes weekly.

  7. Can you offer taster sessions?

    We can do this, please get in touch to find out more.

  8. What happens if I need to reschedule or cancel a booking?

    Please see our T&C’s for rescheduling and cancellation policies.

  9. Will you be offering on-site services again?

    We monitor the government guidance closely and as soon as we can safely and responsibly provide programmes in your place of work we will be happy to.