Nature & Wellbeing: What, Why, How

up to 99 people
1 session included
1 practitioner
£520.00+ VAT


A one-hour interactive educational talk on nature connection and how a nature connection practice may aid our wellbeing. A welcome adjunct in any employee wellbeing event. Covering current thinking in the ever-evolving field of nature connection including various hypothesis, and recent science. Add on: Available for after the talk or as part of the talk – a 15 min taster of a forest therapy invitation to experience a moment of calm in nature via a pre-recorded video Talk will cover: What calls us to back to Nature What is forest therapy Why we need a nature connection practice How to deepen your own relationship with nature Including opportunity for questions and interactions.


Sam Wright

Sam Wright

I’m Sam, an ICF accredited coach (ACC), certified forest therapy guide and mum to two gorgeous boys. I help you to reconnect with yourself and your environment, partnering with you to become your own leader of a life of wholeness and fulfilment.We work on the inside – outside, stepping out into nature wherever possible to deepen the impact of our partnership. The wild and infinite presence of nature awakens the senses and offers renewed perspective. It invites greater awareness, openness and clarity. And as you become empowered by your inner desire for change, I support you to navigate your own path towards creating the life you want to lead.


  1. Will all employees be able to book programmes on the GetZeN platform?

    Bookings can only be made via allocated and registered contacts who can log in to their profile.

  2. Are individuals' names shared with the employee diagnostic outcomes?

    All names are anonymised and confidential. The diagnostic will only show the overall outcomes relating to anxiety, stress, energy, sense of wellbeing & productivity.

  3. Can we get in touch if we can’t find the programme we need?

    Of course, we work closely with all of our clients to find the right practitioner and programme to suit your needs.

  4. Do you have a library of pre-recorded content we can access?

    Not yet, that’s something we’re working on behind the scenes.

  5. Can I meet with the practitioner before the programme takes place?

    We go through an extremely thorough vetting process with all of our practitioners, so you can rest assured that they will be of the highest standard for your organisation. However, as we first start to work with clients we can organise a 10min introduction with our practitioners.

  6. How often will we receive the GetZeN diagnostic outcomes?

    For those who take part in the end to end GetZeN diagnostic, we will report quarterly. However, we are working towards a way where we can integrate this into your client profile so you can see the outcomes weekly.

  7. Can you offer taster sessions?

    We can do this, please get in touch to find out more.

  8. What happens if I need to reschedule or cancel a booking?

    Please see our T&C’s for rescheduling and cancellation policies.

  9. Will you be offering on-site services again?

    We monitor the government guidance closely and as soon as we can safely and responsibly provide programmes in your place of work we will be happy to.